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Nukote Coating Systems International (NCSI) was formed to become the first truly global entity to manufacture and promote global coating solutions based on advanced polymer technologies.

In 1996, NCSI initiated activities in global markets, starting in China and SE Asia, soon followed by India, and the Middle East. In 2005 NCSI entered Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Central Asia, Africa and Europe. Presently there are Nukote regional business units in The United States, South Africa, Australia, Vietnam, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, and India.

NCSI is part of the American Polymer group of companies, which combined is the largest manufacturer and distributor of Elastomeric Polyurethanes and Polyurea products globally. US manufacturing alone has a production capacity of 400 metric ton per day (400,000 Liters/100,000 Gallons). Our product range includes plural component Polyureas, Polyurethane and Hybrid coatings, sealants and ancillary products including more than 70 different formulations designed for specific application requirements.

NCSI focuses on the development of products, application robotics and engineered project specifications uniquely designed for our clients. These projects focus on industries and applications related to; oil and gas or petrochemical, power generation and distribution, mining processing and operations, commodity storage and transportation, water systems and distribution including storm water, potable water and domestic and industrial waste water.

NCSI has a strong historical project track record with major global clients that include; oil and gas national and multi‐nationals, mining and mineral processing, manufacturing and heavy industry conglomerates, construction contractors, architects, consultants, engineering groups, municipalities and government bureaus managing major infrastructure and energy projects.

NCSI maintains global manufacturing and distribution capabilities combined with complete technical support services, professional application contractors, specific application methodology, and cutting edge equipment systems, resulting in successful completions and satisfied clients across the globe.

Some examples of our reference projects include; the world’s largest wastewater distribution project (India), the world’s largest nuclear wastewater containment project (Japan) and the world’s largest cantilevered roof structure (Singapore). Our global references also include multiple projects specific to; petrochemical, power generation, water and waste water, mining, transportation and oil and gas.

Nukote Global Headquarters

4730 Consulate Plaza Drive, Suite 100, Houston, Texas, 77032
Tel: 832.770.7100 / Fax: 281.227.0909

Nukote Manufacturing Facilities

United States: Los Angeles, California
United States: Dallas, Texas
Saudi Arabia: Dammam
India: Mumbai
Brazil: Campo Bono

Nukote Global Business Units

Asean: Nukote Industries Ltd. Bangkok/KL/Manila/Jakarta/Singapore
Australia: Nukote Distributors Pty Ltd. Newcastle NSW/Perth WA
Brazil: Nukote Coating Systems Brazil Ltd. Belo Horizonte/Sao Paolo/Rio
Canada: Nukote Coating Systems Canada Ltd. Oakville, Ontario
Mexico: Nukote Mexico Ltd. Mexico City/Monterey
Middle East: Nukote Arabia Ltd. Dammam KSA

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