Versatile and economic solutions for the
rehabilitation or extension of:
Potable Water - Storm Water
and Waste Water Infrastructure Systems

Cutting Edge Internal Lining Robotics

Versatile Liner Solutions for Rehabilitation Insitu

Superior Concrete Surface Treatments

Next Generation Anti-Corrosion Coatings and Primers

Perfected solutions for
the harsh mining process environments of
erosion, chemicals and impact

Economical solutions that perform
in harsh environmental conditions,
extending asset longevity with minimal disruption

Extended design life solutions specific to
nuclear, thermal, hydro and
gas fired power generation environments

Nukote Coating Systems International is your primary resource for unparalleled innovation in coating products and application. Our superior products, service and equipment provide our customers effective, lasting solutions with lower risks, competitive pricing and extended design life.

Our offering combines excellent products, complete technical specifications, application method statements, quality assurance and inspection programs and state of the art application equipment including robotic systems.

With a global presence and exceptional capability from design and specification to product supply, our comprehensive solutions combine cutting edge products and robotic technologies to deliver solutions that exceed our clients unique needs.


NUKOTE COATING SYSTEMS INTERNATIONAL provides complete solutions to meet our clients’ unique requirements.  Our offering includes; proper product specification, application method statements, quality assurance programs and correct equipment system specification including robotic systems.  A complete solution from a single source is the message we want to impart.




Largest range of elastomeric coatings with the largest manufacturing capacity

True global presence and capability from solution design and specification to product supply through qualified application of the system selected

Use of comprehensive solutions combining cutting edge product and robotic technologies

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